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Email Message Tracking & Beyond

Your email campaigns may be identifying opportunities but how soon does your sales team know about them? IntelliClick shows you who is interested in "real time" as recipients access your web site. 

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Digital "Body Language"

Dig deeper to see all campaign related visitor web site page navigation. Get a jump on your competition by engaging your business development team in the sales process early, BEFORE competitors get their attention.

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Instant Alerts
When It Matters

Engage your sales team and others who need to know! Response to web page links  generate immediate email and / or SMS alerts. Immediately notify sales reps assigned to the customer to be sure they follow-up at the opportune time.

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"One Click"
Call To Action Links

Increase response rates with one click "call to action" hyperlinks. A single click triggers literature fulfillment, event registrations and call back requests. Custom auto response messages with file attachments, from the assigned sales person, are delivered instantly.

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Organic List Building Module
Forward To Others

Build your mailing list organically with a robust Forward To Others module. Allow your recipients to pass along your message to those they believe may be interested and capture those names for your mailing list. Important features that set our module apart from other e-mail marketing solutions include:

  • Personalized Forwarding Message:  a custom message from the person forwarding your e-mail campaign can be included, adding a personal touch!
  • Forwarded E-mail FROM Referrer:  the forwarded e-mail message comes from the e-mail address of the person who is sending this to their friend or colleague; Improving the deliverability of the message being passed along
  • Automated Permission Request:  recipients of the forwarded message will also receive a seperate e-mail requesting their permission to be added to your mailing list; They can elect to OPT-IN or OPT-OUT at that time and this will be flagged accordingly
  • Automated E-mail Alerts:  you can specify recipient(s) of an e-mail alert when a new referral is received; Each message summarizes who was referred and by whom, the date and the personal message included

Build Impactful Email Messages With Ease

IntelliClick offers the powerful MailStyler Pro HTML editor and template gallery. Benefit from features not commonly found in most HTML editors and take advantage of drag and drop simplicity to generate mobile optimized, professional grade email templates. Create your own libararies of commonly used elements that allow you to quickly assemble your message with custom text, images, buttons and social media blocks. Use a library of over 2,000 royalty free premium images and special effects capabilities to enhance the look and feel of each message you create.

Building email messages is fast and easy without the need for any technical skill. Your messages will be optimized for viewing across all email applications and mobile devices. In just 3 simple steps you can build your message, add interactive/CRM integrated tracking and send it to your target audience. 

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Email Integrity That
Gets You Delivered

Our relay partner, SMTP.com, integrates its email delivery capabilities with IntelliClick. Sending through the SMTP.com relay servers allows you to leverage their established delivery capabilities using your email list or supported CRM databases.

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Actionable Reporting &

IntelliClick includes statistical and analytical reports that summarize details of your campaign click track activity, breaking down each campaign. Top opportunities, Digital Body Language, summarizing web site behavior, and side-by-side campaign comparisons, provide metrics to determine which are most effective.

Automated Email Delivery Of Key Metrics

View details by campaign, by web page accessed, and by date and time; with specifics about those who access your pages. Summaries across all your campaigns provide a snapshot and measurement for any time period you wish to measure. Reporting is available on demand or automatically delivered by email, at time intervals and to recipients you designate. 


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