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Automated ACT! Integration

Use the latest information in your ACT! database to send and manage email campaigns without the need to upload or refresh your data anywhere else. IntelliClick For ACT! provides seemless integration and a simple way to send your email campaign messages to your target audience.

A feature rich HTML editor and template gallery is included with your subscription. IntelliClick is compatible with the latest versions of ACT!. Reporting is available on demand or automatically delivered by email at time intervals, and to recipients you designate.

A special web site page navigation feature adds to the power of your campaigns, sent directly from ACT!.  Benefit from "digital body language" to prioritize recipient interests in each of your campaigns. View our brief product overview video to learn more.

The IntelliClick Hyperlink Building Wizard streamlines the preparation of the email template and special hyperlinks. Each link has intelligence tied specifically to the campaign and the web page to which the recipient is directed.

A simple set of modules walk you through the process of preparing and sending your email campaigns
Results are instantly viewable on each contact record with details of their response to your campaigns


Merge & Send Engine

The IntelliSend module provides a simple and streamlined screen for ACT1 users to assemble their mass emailing. Email addresses that are flagged as either unsubscribe or undeliverable (hard bounce) from past mailings are automatically excluded as the job is assembled.

Scheduling and setting of email volume limits help to control campaign delivery as desired. IntelliSend allows the types of contacts in GoldMine to be included, as well as the use of email merge codes (if desired) to further isolate the target audience.

Email Data Integrety

IntelliSend provides easy to use bounce management functionality to maintain the integrity of the email addresses
stored in your ACT! database.

Hard bounce undeliverable messages can be monitored and action taken to update records needing attention. Removal of bad emails can also be automated with a copy of invalid emails stored in ACT! history for future reference.


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