Interaction vs. Digital Engagement . . .
How Well Are You Scoring?

You probably do a good job of managing your day-to-day interaction with customers and prospects within your CRM system. You may also be tracking and measuring your digital marketing campaigns.

The big question is what about opportunity gaps for those who show strong interest to your digital marketing; but may not be getting the right level of attention or interaction to capitalize on this interest?

IntelliClick's Opportunity Gap Scoring feature helps your company identify business opportunities. Prioritize and score your digital marketing tracked in your GoldMine system. Then, match these with scores from the actions logged to the contact history. See which accounts may need or deserve more attention and optimize the results from your sales team time and effort!

Recorded Webinar

This 30 minute webinar presentation includes highlights of IntelliClick. The Opportunity GAP module is featured as part of this overview.

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Module Demo

This 7 minute overview video illustrates our digital and interaction scoring modules and how these enable measurement through special reports and dashboards.

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