Take your e-mail marketing campaigns to new levels. Leverage the benefits of using your CRM system to send personalized email campaigns that track instantly back to your own database. IntelliClick® eTrack hyperlinks track, report and alert your staff, enabling your organization to kick start its sales process from each email campaign.  

Go beyond the first click to gain even more insight into your target audience interests using the IntelliClick® WebNav module. Track pages viewed and the frequency visitors return to your web site for each campaign to enable timely sales follow-up.

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Email Campaign Tracking
Enhance your email marketing campaigns with "intelligent" links embedded in your messages. Results and alerts, instantly integrated into your CRM software, help to engage your sales team and shorten the sales cycle.

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Web Site Visitor Tracking
Instantly identify which pages on your web site are attracting attention from your email campaign. The WebPrints™ feature tracks email campaign visitors and provides a “digital profile” of their interests to help prioritize your follow-up.  

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