Monitor Customer Digital Body Language"

  Digital Body Language is an electronic depiction of prospect behavior that occurs as a response to internet marketing and other web based initiatives.  In this age of instant Internet access to product and service information, our customers are armed with substantial competitive data, even before a sales rep learns their name!

Capturing these indicators of buying interest, and acting on them, is critical for companies to stay competitive in the Internet Age. In other words, capture prospect and customer interests & behaviors before the sales team contacts them.
One way for your company to accomplish this is to track customer digital body language using IntelliClick eTrack & WebNav modules. This permits the sales team to immediately “key in” to what the customer is looking for and “unlock” the potential; before someone else does.  The marketing team can hone-in on that important digital body language to prepare targeted e-mail campaigns, or other forms of promotional initiatives.

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