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"Intelliclick is an amazing piece of software that really enhances Goldmine as a CRM tool. It effortlessly integrates with our database and helps us to properly manage our direct marketing campaigns. The various alerts allow us to get real-time sales leads and the campaign follow-up reports help us to effectively plan our future campaigns. To top it off, Intelliclick is put together by a great group of people who are incredibly helpful, and are constantly working to improve what is already a marketing must-have."

Matt Tichbon, Marketing Coordinator

Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom

"Intelleclick has been a life saver and revenue generator at the same time for us. It has made our sales staff more efficient and it has allowed us to maximize our customer database that we have worked so hard to grow."

Scott Barrows, Co Founder/V.P. Sales

Epic Seats

Seattle , WA, USA

Epic Seats

"We needed a tracking solution that could integrate with our GoldMine CRM.  We found more than we expected with IntelliClick. Now we can track clicks for each campaign, see their web page visits, and view it all in one place in GoldMine.  Email alerts tell us when someone has responded, allowing our sales group to immediately follow-up.


We started using the hosted version of IntelliClick for email and web navigation to see how successful we would be with our campaigns.  We were very pleased with the results, and within a few months, we upgraded to the premise based version which now allows us unlimited campaign tracking and notification. Special reports included with IntelliClick, provide us with a complete picture of each campaign, helping us identify our best opportunities."  


Terry Finley, CEO

West Point Thoroughbreds, Inc.

Mount Laurel , NJ, USA

"We love GoldMine and have been using it for quite some time to send our bi-monthly email newsletters.  Our messages now include special hyperlinks, created using the IntelliClick wizard, which provide recipients with an easy way to sign-up for our webinars. When they register for our events, individuals at InKnowVision are immediately notified of those planning to attend. The event is automatically scheduled in GoldMine, allowing us to later log whether they attend along with any follow-up actions we need to take.


It is especially helpful that a single click event registration hyperlink sends a confirmation message and attaches a document with background information about the event.  The tracked email response and web page visits, added by IntelliClick to our GoldMine system, help us to be more proactive in responding to our customers’ interests."

Scott Hamilton, President

InKnowVision, LLC

Naperville , IL, USA

Tradetec Skyline has been using GoldMine for over a decade and our newsletter program was being handled by Constant Contact. We were challenged by the fact that the two products were not connected and found that it was frustrating getting our sales reps to follow up on our marketing leads since the clicks and opens were not stored in GoldMine history. We had to manually export this information out of Constant Contact, sort by territory and then send to each sales rep.  

We found out about IntelliClick eMarketing for GoldMine and discovered that we could continue to use Constant Contact for our email campaigns, and get our click through data and top leads back into Goldmine as well as alert of our sales team about the opportunities in real time.  This once, intensive manual process, has now become streamlined and easy with IntelliClick.  Best of all, we were able to instantly identify malformed email addresses and clean up all of our invalid email addresses in GoldMine by using IntelliClick’s integrated send/bounce management capability.

Bruce Jones, Technology Manager

Tradetec Skylinee

Lombard, IL, USALombard, IL, USA

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