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IntelliClick makes it easy to initiate e-mail marketing campaigns directly from your GoldMine & ACT CRM solutions. You control every step from within your business environment using the most current information from your database to identify the target audience to receive each e-mail campaign. Tracked results, passed directly back to your CRM system, in "real time", to enable effective follow-up actions and campaigns to be driven from logged results.

The IntelliClick for GoldMine & ACT hyperlink wizards walks you through the preparation of "intelligent hyperlinks". The tracking behavior of these hyperlinks as well as opens and unsubscribe are set in a few simple steps. Special capabilities such as alert notifications, database field updates and scheduled actions can all be triggered with the links you insert in your messages.

Return on your investment is optimized because you only pay for results tracked using our hosted module. There is no extra charge for the quantity of messages you send or number of users who have access to the system. A Premise install option provides unlimited tracking with a fixed investment for those companies with larger tracked activity volumes.

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