What Makes IntelliClick Different Or Better Than Our Current Email Marketing Provider?
IntelliClick goes beyond the open or click and tracks all the pages visited once a recipient gets to your web site. This provides a better representation of interest level and helps prioritize your sales and marketing follow-up. One click "call to action" links further encourage a dialogue with your audience. Your email list is secure behind your file and it is never uploaded to an outside server. A simple text (CSV or tab delimited) or Excel file is all that is needed.
What Do You Mean By Interactive Email Marketing?
Call to action hyperlinks allow you to instantly alert your sales team by email or text message (SMS) while your recipient is still on your web site and showing interest. The ability to send literature or register for an event with just one click enhances the likelihood of response and starts a dialogue with your audience.
How Does IntelliClick Pricing Compare To Other Email Service Providers?
IntelliClick uses a flat annual subscription fee which is not tied to the number of contacts you track.  Most ESPs (email service providers) charge based upon the number of people you track so the larger the overall audience, the more expensive it gets. Typically if you are tracking more than 5-10,000 contacts across all your campaigns, IntelliClick may actually be less expensive and offer more capabilities for your investment.