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Go beyond the basics with IntelliClick's interactive, automated capabilities that start a "real time" dialogue with your audience. Alerts, special "one click" call to action links and analytics allow your organization to be laser focused on the best opportunities at the most opportune time. Use our "top leads" metrics to identify who is ready to buy. 

Weighted Lead Scoring allows values to be assigned to different types of tracking behavior to help you score and identify your best leads.  Even specific web page views can have their own score if desired.  Go one step further and trigger automated actions and email alerts, based upon information captured, to further engage your sales & marketing team.

The IntelliClick PLUS version adds comprehensive capabilities to help your company manage its CRM  data integrity, comply with privacy regulations and measure response to your email campaigns. This version combines Quick Update, Subscription Management, Engagement Scoring & "Smart Cookie" Web Site Tracking modules, to augment the power of our core email and web site tracking capabilities.

Are you getting the complete picture of your web site visitor interests?
Google Analytics provides general information but wouldn't it ideal to know exactly who is visiting each web page and when? IntelliClick provides your company with visitor tracking that prioritizes your sales team lead follow-up.  Stay informed as visitors return to your web site, even days, weeks or months later!


Does Your Company Send E-mail Campaigns To Multiple Sales Territories On Behalf Of Multiple Sales People? If You Do, Benefit From A Streamlined And Efficient Approach To Sending Targeted And Personalized Messages Using The IntelliClick Multi Segment Batch Send Module.  Each Message Is Personalized And Addressed From A Known Sender, Improving Your Deliverability.  Pick And Choose Which Territories, Divisions Or Subsidiaries And Have Your Camapign Sent To All Of Them At Once.

Be Seen & Be Heard!
Add Audio To Your Email & Blog Posts

Listen To Learn A Little More About It!

View our library of recorded webinars. Each presentation covers several ways your business can benefit from an interactive, CRM integrated digital marketing solution. Included are industry "best practice" white papers that can be readily downloaded for reference.


Email and/or text message alerts notify your sales team at the moment of interest


See your web site visitor page views to focus on prospect interests and prioritize opportunities


"One Click" event registration, literature or contact requests enable timely follow-up


Automated CRM system integration instantly captures complete contact interest from each campaign

Capabilities That Distinguish IntelliClick From Other Solutions


IntelliClick combines the security of on-premise software with the efficiency and scalability of the cloud. Enjoy all the features you expect from an email marketing system including open, click and unsubscribe tracking. Included is a generous gallery of HTML email templates, a powerful online editor and effective email delivery services. Message and landing page branding is entirely exclusive to your organization.

Go beyond the basics with IntelliClick's interactive capabilities that start a "real time" dialogue with your target audience. Alerts, special "one click" call to action links and analytics allow your organization to be laser focused on the best opportunities at the most opportune time. Use our "top leads" metrics to identify who is ready to buy and when.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - 2 PUNCH

Combine your customer relationship management software with the power of IntelliClick interactive email marketing. Benefit from knowing more about your prospect and customer interests and when they are most likely ready to buy.


Alert your sales team at the exact moment customers are on your web site and reacting to your email campaign. Alerts can schedule phone calls, send emails or text messages, to those you designate; insuring a timely follow-up to each campaign.


Imagine email marketing that is interactive. Deliver marketing literature, enable a phone call to be requested or let your customers sign up for an event....each from a single click of the mouse.


  • "IntelliClick is the complete package - a holistic solution for engagement, custom reporting, event registration and real-time dashboards. Bottom line, it is like having another employee in the organization - increasing and adding to our capacity!"

    Lara Hall, Director of Marketing
    Juice, Inc.
  • "With the help of powerful email marketing features provided by IntelliClick, we can now communicate relevant updates and information that relates directly to our clients' unique shipping needs."

    Matt Goddyn, Marketing Manager 
    CSA Transportation
  • "I just love working with the folks at IntelliClick! They are always one step ahead, finding ways to add even more useful features to an already amazing product! IntelliClick is easy to use, works great with my CRM, and the technical support is fantastic! My sales team loves when I send them the summary reports from email campaigns. Thank you for making my job easier!!!"

    Amanda Cobb, Marketing 
    Carthage Mills


  • MailStyler

    Template Preparation

    MailStyler provides an easy way to use dynamic drag-and-drop interaction to allow email templates to be created that always readable and responsive on any mail client. A very simple interface that is intuitive even for non-experts makes allows professional quality email messages to be created for use with IntelliClick.

  • ZeroBounce

    Email Validation

    Our ZeroBounce partnership provides email address validation to prevent hard bounces and preserve your sender reputation. Our email data integrety module uses your validated list to flag emails in your CRM system, insuring they are excluded from future campaigns. Learn more.

  • GoldMine

    Customer Relationship Management

    GoldMine Premium Edition is a CRM system that supports all your sales, marketing and customer service business needs through powerful customer relationship management features. Tight integration of email campaign results allows timely follow-up to contact specific results.


Watch the video to learn more about the powerful capabilities of GoldMine CRM. See why IntelliClick chose to integrate with this this well established business relationship management tool. Focus on the best opportunities at the most opportune time with IntelliClick and GoldMine CRM. GoldMine offers the best value over time, is feature rich and easy to use, with free resources to help you get started. Since 2018, IntelliClick has combined with GoldMine to deliver a "Best In Class" digital marketing solution.


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